Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

We understand the importance of a properly installed sprinkler system in maintaining a lush, healthy, and vibrant landscape. Plan It Vision will provide sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair services in Seattle to transform your outdoor space into a thriving oasis.

Sprinkler System Installation:

At Plan-It Vision, we want to ensure a hassle-free sprinkler installation process for our clients. We use top-quality modern materials for the longevity and efficiency of your sprinkler system. We frequently install Rainbird and Hunter products and Rachio controllers to save water.

We place sprinkler heads, valves, and control systems for optimal coverage and distribution. We pay close attention to detail, ensuring every component is properly installed and calibrated for accurate watering. 

Our installation process is efficient and timely to minimize disruption to your landscape. We strive to complete projects on schedule without compromising on quality. Our team will also provide comprehensive operation and maintenance training, empowering you to make the most of your new sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Repair Services

Plan-It Vision provides sprinkler repair services for the Seattle area.  We provide routine maintenance, sprinkler repairs, or complete sprinkler system overhauls. We can diagnose and address any issues efficiently and effectively.

Sprinkler Repair Services include:

  • Repairing and replacing lawn sprinklers
  • Repairing and replacing garden bed and raised bed sprinklers
  • Sprinkler drip line repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairing automatic sprinkler timers
  • Repairing rain sensors
  • Repair issues with sprinkler valves and lost valves
  • Fix broken and leaking pipes

We aim to ensure your sprinkler system is operating at its peak performance, conserving water and saving you money.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality and exceptional service. We have the skills, resources, and vision to make your landscaping dreams come true! 


Contact Plan It Vision Landscaping today to schedule a consultation for a lush and water-efficient outdoor space.

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